Posting your videos to the forums

Sharing your drumming videos is a great way to get feedback on your playing. Simply follow these steps to post your videos to the Drumeo Forums:


Step 1: Go To The "Student Progress Discussion" In The Drumeo Forums

While you might want to share a video somewhere else, in most cases student share their personal videos in this section of the website since it is intended for positive and constructive feedback. 


Step 2: Start New Topic

If you already have a topic for your username, you can locate that instead. But if you're new to the Student Progress Discussion, then you'll need to click the "Start New Topic" button at the top-right of the page.


You'll land on a page like this where you'll need to fill out some details:



Step 3: Write Your Post

Topic Title - For Student Progress posts, the "Topic Title" will always be your username.

Topic Tags - You can include any words related to your drumming ("beginner", "jazz", etc.)

Main Post - Introduce yourself before you link to your video. Talk about what you're working on and why you're looking for feedback.


Step 4: Add Your Video Link

You won't be able to upload your video straight to the forum because the file size is too big. To embed your video using YouTube, just make sure to use the proper link.

You will need to use the link that looks like “”.  You find this in the address bar when your video is actually playing. Do NOT use the link that looks like this “”. 


Step 5: Click Post New Topic

Once you’ve written your post and provided a link to your video, click the “Post New Topic” button at the bottom of the page. Once that's done, your topic and video should be live!

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