How do I search for lessons?

You want to find the PERFECT lessons! We know! So we've created a few ways for you to sort through our massive collection of on-demand lessons, shows, and courses.

Tip #1: Use the search bar at the top of the website.

Keep your search terms simple for the best results. For example, instead of searching for "I want to learn jazz", just put in the keywords that are likely to produce results such as "Jazz". 

Tip #2: Use the filters on the courses page.

When you're on the main index for the Drumeo Courses, you'll be able to use various filters to narrow down the list of courses available to you.

You can narrow down courses by level, instructor, or topic. 

We recommend using just ONE filter at a time, so you still have plenty of results to choose from. If you use all three filters, you'll likely eliminate relevant topics simply because a specific instructor taught something else. 

Tip 3: Choose the type of "show" that's right for you.

Unlike the step-by-step courses, Drumeo Shows were created as standalone videos that you can watch on any topic, at any time. 

If you're looking for a standalone video, you can choose "Shows" in the navigation. Then, choose the type of show that makes sense for what you're looking for. If you're looking for a lesson, you'll likely be choosing between "LIVE" where we feature all of our live lesson recordings or "Quick Tips" where you'll find shorter, catchier videos (which might not be as in-depth). 

Once you choose the format of the "show", you'll once again be able to use filters to narrow down the results.

We hope these three tips help you find the perfect lesson topics to help you improve your skills!

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