Video troubleshooting

Sometimes different devices or web browsers can have issues, causing your video to lose audio or not play altogether. 

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot:

If Your Video Won't Load:

You may need to clear your cookies and cache (also known as browsing history) within your web browser.  We also recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser as our website works best with the settings within Google Chrome.  

Click below for various guides to clearing browsing history and/or cookies and cache

If Your Video Keeps Stopping:

We recommend watching your video at a lower resolution if your video is not loading quickly enough. To do this while watching a video, click on the 1080p button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Next, select either 360p, 540p, or 720p. Try out these lower resolutions to find which works best for your device and internet connection.  

If the above solutions don't solve your video issues, please contact our Support Team so we can help right away. 

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