Save videos to watch later

Tracking your progress plays an important role in reaching your goals on the drums! And that's why your Drumeo Membership includes progress tracking so you can see your completed lessons, in-progress lessons, and lessons you've added to your list to watch later!

How To Save A Video To Watch Later:

If you see a lesson that you'd like to save for later, simply click on the "+" icon that is associated with the videos.

 Here's what it looks like in video lists (on the right side)

 And here's what it looks like on an actual video page:

When you mark a video for later, you'll see the icon change to an "x". That just means that it's saved! If you'd like to remove the video from your list, just click the icon again and it'll no longer be added to your videos to watch later. 

How To Locate Your Saved Videos, Anytime:

To find your video lists, simply click on "My Profile" from the main menu, then click "My Lists".

Once you're on the My Lists page, you'll be able to click on any of the tabs to locate your Added list, In Progress lessons, or Completed lessons!

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