How do I set a reminder for upcoming live broadcasts or Show releases?

You can now sync Drumeo's calendars with your own so you never miss an upcoming broadcast or lesson release inside of Drumeo!

You do this by subscribing to our calendars inside of Drumeo, which will sync to either iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, or Yahoo Calendars. You can choose to subscribe to the Full Drumeo Release Schedule (which includes ALL shows/broadcasts/releases), a specific Show, or an individual release. 

Subscribing To The "Full Release Schedule"

To subscribe to the Full Release Schedule navigate to the Drumeo Schedule and click the blue button that says "Subscribe To Calendar".

From there, a pop up will appear asking you to "Subscribe To Calendar". 

Once you click the blue button, you will be prompted to select the preferred calendar to sync to. Simply select the calendar you use to sync all upcoming releases! 

Subscribing To Individual Events

Alternatively, if you would rather pick and choose specific broadcasts/releases to be notified for, you can add specific releases to your calendar. To do this, click on the calendar icon with a "+" inside next to the release. 

When you see the pop up, simply click "Subscribe To This Event Only" and select your preferred calendar to be notified once this individual event is released. 

Subscribing To Individual Shows

You can also view all upcoming releases inside of individual shows and sync your calendar to specific releases or subscribe to the Show Calendar. Doing this will add any future releases inside of that show to your calendar. To do this, navigate to the show you would like to follow and click on the "Subscribe To Calendar" button. 

Simply select the preferred calendar and you are set! Similar to the Drumeo Schedule, you can sync individual events or subscribe to the full Show calendar. 

You can subscribe to any and all Shows within Drumeo:  "Song Breakdowns", "Live", "Behind The Scenes", "Quick Tips", "Solo's", "Performances", "Gear Guides", "Study The Greats", "Bootcamps", "Challenges", or "On The Road"!

Never miss a live broadcast or Drumeo release ever again with the ability to sync our releases with your calendar! 

***Please allow 5 minutes for a Drumeo Calendar to fully sync to your calendar provider. ***

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