What are the different Drumeo ranks and how do I earn them?

As you earn more Drumeo XP, you will increase your rank as a Drumeo member. These ranks are a fun way to differentiate your membership in terms of how much time you have invested into your drumming and into the Drumeo community. They in no way dictate your skill level behind the drums, but demonstrates to others that you have spent time in the community through conversations, practice, or viewing lessons/shows. 


Drumeo Ranks are awarded when you reach certain Drumeo XP amounts. 


Here’s a list of the ten ranks you can earn:

  • Casual = 0-99 XP
  • Enthusiast I = 100-249 XP
  • Enthusiast II = 250-499 XP
  • Pro I = 500-999 XP
  • Pro II = 1000-2499 XP
  • Pro III = 2500-9999 XP
  • Master I = 10000-24999 XP
  • Master II = 25000-99999 XP
  • Master III = 100000-249999 XP
  • Legend = 250000-500000 XP

There are whispers of new ranks yet to be discovered...

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