What is Drumeo XP and how do I earn it?

Drumeo XP or, "Experience Points," are earned while you practice and engage within the Drumeo community! They are designed to not only track your progress as you use Drumeo to learn and connect, but also to help motivate you to become more involved and improve your drumming.  The more you complete lessons, shows and engage with the community through comments, the more XP points you will earn. The more XP points you earn, the higher the rank you will become as a  Drumeo Member.  


You can earn Drumeo XP in a variety of ways within the Drumeo Member’s Area.


Here’s a full list of how to earn Drumeo XP:

  • Watching Lessons
  • Practicing Play-Alongs
  • Practicing Exercises
  • Completing Lessons
  • Completing Courses
  • Completing Learning Paths
  • Completing Packs
  • Commenting 
  • Receiving a Like on your comment
  • Uploading an Avatar
  • Filling out the About Information in your profile
  • Filling out the Gear Information in your profile

Here’s a full breakdown of XP awarded for each activity:

  • 5000 XP Awarded per completed Pack
  • 500 XP Awarded per completed Pack-Bundle
  • 1000 XP Awarded per completed Learning Path
  • 500 XP Awarded per completed Course
  • 100 XP Awarded per completed "Beginner" lesson
  • 150 XP Awarded per completer "Intermediate" lesson
  • 200 XP Awarded per completed "Advanced" lesson
  • 150 XP Awarded per completed "All Levels" lesson
  • 5 XP Awarded per 1 minute of video streamed
  • 50 XP Awarded per comment made
  • 100 XP Awarded per comment "like"
  • 250 XP Awarded for an uploaded "Avatar"
  • 250 XP Awarded for filling out all "Gear fields"
  • 250 XP Awarded for filling out all "About fields"
  • 25 XP Awarded for each completed "Assignment" 
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