What is the difference between Drumeo's Hudson Packs and the Hudson DVDs I own?

The Hudson Packs that we are offering in our Drum Shop contain the same great content that you know from the original Hudson DVDs! Drumeo has been given exclusive rights to release these digital versions, and they have all been adapted for our website.

 This means that you get the same progress tracking as our other Drumeo lessons, as well as a comments and questions section where you can interact with our instructors and other students. The exercises in these packs also have our SmartBeat technology for you to use while practicing - and, like all Drumeo lessons, you can find your purchased packs all in one place in the Packs section of your account for you to access anywhere you have an internet connection, on any device!

 The original instructors are not available to take questions, but our Experience team is more than happy to offer any support you need or answer any questions that you have!

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