How can I determine my skill level? Am I a beginner, intermediate, or advanced drummer?

This is a challenging question because the answer is subjective. You could be an advanced rock or metal drummer but a beginner jazz drummer. We would recommend checking out these lessons to help you determine where you're at:

If you need help determining your skill level or which lessons you should be working on, you can submit a video for a Student Review within Student Focus, and we would be happy to help you out! 

Not sure where to start your lessons because you're unsure of your skill level? 

Take our placement test in the Members-Only Area! 

Once you're on the main page of The Method, clicking the blue "where to begin" button will guide you through a series of questions to place you where you should start your lessons.

As always, reach out to our Support Team if you need more help.    

Why can't I find the placement test on the App?

Unfortunately, our placement test is unavailable on the App at this time. However, Drumeo can be accessed from most internet browsers on mobile devices and tablets. 

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