What are chapter markers?

Chapter Markers are time-stamps within a video that highlight specific sections of a lesson. It's similar to a bookmark in that it helps members jump to specific exercises, key points, or questions answered within a video.

Chapter Markers will be indicated by a little blue line on the progress bar of a video. Not every video on Drumeo has Chapter Markers. 

There are two ways to use Chapter Markers to your advantage. If you see a lesson with Chapter Markers, you can either skip to the highlighted sections to see the marked spot on the video or click on the "INFO" button below to view each Marker in more detail. Clicking the "INFO" button below the video will load the details of the video which will show each Chapter Maker along with a description of the highlighted section. 

These will be linked, allowing you to click on each one to be directed to the specified time in the video above.

Chapter Markers are extremely useful for longer videos, lessons with multiple assignments/exercises, or Q&A lessons with multiple questions. They allow you to find the content you are looking for much faster, giving you more time to practice the drums!

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