What are Assignments?

Assignments are basically tasks assigned to specific lessons on Drumeo. They are your "To-Do's" once you have finished watching the lesson, and usually consist of exercises/beats/fills to practice in order to learn the topic taught in the lesson.

Assignments can be found in any lesson that has sheet music or specific instructions from the instructor. You receive 25 XP for each assignment you complete. Assignments should only be clicked to be marked as completed once you can play said assignment with confidence. 

This feature will allow you to track your progress as you work through the lessons inside of Drumeo, showing you which beats/fills/exercises you have internalized and can play. 

To start tracking your progress and using Assignments, simply scroll down below the video of any lesson to view the Assignments. You can hide or show each Assignment by clicking the arrow button to the left of each Assignment number to help organize your viewing experience. Once you have completed the Assignment, click the "COMPLETE" button to the right to mark it as complete and to gain 25 XP.

You can reset your progress should you want to do each Assignment again, or feel you have not fully learned the exercise. To do this, simply click the "COMPLETE" button again on a specific Assignment, or on the "COMPLETED" button associated with the entire lesson to reset the overall progress.

 Track your progress, motivate your practice, and develop your skills in a much more organized way with assignments! 

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