Does the shipping cost cover customs fees?

Your total cost at checkout includes any applicable sales tax but does not cover international customs, taxes, or fees*. Since these are collected and determined by your country, we have no control over customs and import fees. 

Due to these factors, we are also unable to provide whether or not customs will be charged on your order.

Please note that we do not have PDF versions to offer as a replacement.

For EU residents: Please note that the European Union has mandated the collection of VAT on all imported physical goods. 

Upon delivery of your shipment by the carrier, you will be required to pay VAT as well as a collection fee, ranging from 5-25 EUR, depending on the value of your delivery.

If you purchased a bundle that included free physical gifts: 

Since your items are considered a gift, we are able to provide documentation upon request that may help you avoid certain customs fees. This documentation must be requested by you and is not included with your purchase.

Please contact our Support Team so we can create documentation and a receipt that we hope we'll help you avoid certain customs charges. 

*Please note that international customs, taxes, or fees for the Alesis Nitro Max Drumeo Edition E-Kit will likely be higher due to the higher value of the product.

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