Why can't I login to my account?

If you purchased your membership through the Drumeo App,

At times your Google or Apple subscription might experience delays connecting to our administrative system. This can often be fixed by restoring your purchases. This can be done via the login screen of the Drumeo App, as well as through the Apple or Google Play store.

Selecting “Restore Purchases” on the login screen should ’re-sync” your subscription with our systems. 

If this doesn’t seem to fix your App subscription, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

If you purchased your membership through our website,

We recommend first resetting your password on the login page of Drumeo. You can do so by selecting "Forgot your password?" below the email and password entry field. 

If this doesn't solve your access issues, or you suspect it's an account or billing issue - please contact our Support Team so they can help.

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